Janet Brady M des RCA

I am a creative, sensitive to my emotions and energies. I  express my mood in many unique styles to suit the narrative of the time. Often powerful and dramatic subjects that provoke an emotional response. I am an inventor using original techniques created to fit the mood of each body of work or unique piece. 

My latest work came from the hypersensitive state we are all living in during the Covid crisis. It opened channels of emotions that I had buried. The time and space during lockdown opened a door to the most expressive and sensitive artwork I have made. 

The drowning pieces although difficult to view, about a taboo subject, often evoke fear, deep emotions and pain, are moments in time when I feel helpless, silenced, choked, needing air, wanting a voice. 

They are also moments of hope, I feel there’s still time, there’s a chance of survival, if we take it! They are beacons of a journey that could go both ways up or down. 

Creativity is my way of life. I have been very fortunate I have worked in the creative industries all my working life. As a fashion designer, and creating yarn, fabrics and clothes, as a lecturer in fashion encouraging students to follow their dream, think big and join the fashion industry. And now as a holiday provider-teacher hosting courses all over the world.

Creating is a way of life, fulfilling aneed to create by drawing, painting and making, this is an essential part of my life, something I do most days. Creating is in everything we do from choosing the colour of our clothes to the food on my plate, to me – it all matters.

Practising Artist and Teacher.

Est Brambles Art Retreat 2003 in Devon.

Head of Knitwear at Burberry 1989 – 1997

Fashion design Lecturer at Canterbury college of Art

Consultant Knitwear Designer at Anne Tyrell Ltd

Postgraduate art Royal College of Art 1983 – 1985

Undergraduate at Preston Polytechnic Fashion BA Hons.

Foundation course at Liverpool Polytechnic.

Liverpool Institute, Blackburn’s House.

Born in Liverpool 1960.