The Garden Book

A work in progress…….

I have been painting a very special garden, set deep in the countryside, in an ancient village, Coombe is the beautiful garden belonging to Kay and Gary.

On a chance visit to a charity musical evening, prior to the show, I had the opportunity to walk the garden and discover how beautiful it was. So entranced by its beauty I wanted to go back and to paint it.

The next day, the garden was still open to the public, I paid my entrance fee, armed with my paints and a sketchbook, I tucked myself away to paint It in all its glory with such beautiful plants and colour.

While happily painting away the owner Kay came over to see what I was doing. This was the start of a beautiful friendship and the opportunity to paint the garden which would then become this unique book.

I have been working on this project for two years, and weare now near completion. There’s no particular rush to get it finished except the excitement of actually it all coming together and seeing it finished.

We are now working on the page layout, the text, the binding, the cover… the nitty gritty of making the book. It will be hand bound, have an embossed leather cover, beautifully printed text on fine paper between each painting and a hand quilted sleeve to finish it off.

We are also working towards making a limited edition set of copies. Again very bespoke and hand made.

English springtime in a beautiful Devon garden.