Unfinished business

Aug 2022 – My theme of drowning continues. I play about with the proximity to the surface, creating ambiguity as to wether the woman is drowning or not.
There is great tranquility and sense of peace when floating under the surface of water. At the same time it can be the point when full submission takes hold.

’Hanging in the Balance” Acrylic on board with altered glass. h. 110 cm w. 130cm

“Under the Surface” Acrylic on canvas – 60cm x 60cm The beauty and tranquility of such a youthful face amongst the exotic flowers.

“Catch my Breath “ Acrylic on Canvas 60cm x60cm
The beauty of the bubbles, but the hand gives away the fear.

“Swim or Sink” Acrylic on Canvas – h. 25cm w. 35cm

Head below the surface, the ambiguity causes the viewer to question wether shes swimming or sinking.