Gallery 2 – New Icons

Iconic Madonna’s

Ma Donna – Greta Thunberg – Sold

After visiting the beautiful Italian city of Perugia I was inspired to paint icons. I explored the decay of the ancient artwork, enjoying the detailed work by several icon expert painters.
As the icons and paining aged and the materials became fragile and unstable, often housed in cold buildings, they began to fall apart and look worn and patchy. This I found attractive and wanted to replicate rather than produce a perfect new icon.
The three paintings below began as pen and wash drawings on handmade watercolour paper. I added Japanese printed papers as collage incorporating them into the broken image representing the bits of pattern and fabrics.
I added acrylic for the delicate faces and the drapery and finished it off by adding gold leaf. The gold broken and patchy, to add an aged effect.
It was also important to expand the design onto the frames, adding gold or gold leaf where appropriate.

Madonna and child 3 – £295.00
Mixed Media – 27.5cm x 22.5cm – Framed
Madonna and child 1 – £595.00
Mixed Media – 38cm x 33cm – Framed
Madonna and child 2 £495.00
Mixed media – size 37cm x 31cm Framed

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