New year new ideas….

Jackson incredible handmade paper.

I have rekindled my interest in Watercolour and I am enjoying painting in this medium again. I can’t thank my friend Jane for introducing me to two new artists that are impresarios in the field of watercolour.

  1. Blanche Odin : the beutiful french floral painter, what delicacy and expertise. Her skill in making roses look lifelike and yet dreamy, they are to die for.
  2. Wimslow Homer : the incredibly skilful American artist that paints with such fluid drawing, great figures, fabulous colours and incredible narrative. I look at his colour and know immediately what he uses and love the darks.

With these two artists as inspiration I have bought a ton of Jacksons handmade watercolour paper and am raring to go. Intitally I will be going back to my passion of painting Dartmoor, lets see where this new journey takes me.

2019 here we go!

I’m looking forward to getting in the studio again, I have loads of ideas just need to get working on them.

The Japanese theme is still uppermost in my mind and I have a whole load of photos to use as a resource.

I’m really looking forward to playing with the architectural and organic as well as a softer lighter colour palette.

The frame is integral!

A great debate ensued about whether to frame or not.

I found the perfect mount and went a and framed my

favourite piece. It was meant to be.