The 30/30 Challenge – to produce 30 pieces of work over 30 days and not to miss a day.

The first 9 paintings
The following 6 a total of 15
The latest 3 a total of 18
This completes 21 works submitted.
The final nine pieces completing 30 works.


Anxiety driven, living in the moment.

Drowning – The feeling of sinking down in to the depths of the sea.

“Exploring the fragility and resilience of life. 30 works in 30 days, I have tapped into my emotional history and daily experiences.” All my work is viewed through “Altered glass” this gives a distorted reality. The distortion is the final effect.
Reality is changed by the viewer, reality is changed after the event. The act of remembering changes reality.

Altered Glass

To facilitate the idea of a dreamstate, and to offer the viewer a distorted view, I altered the surface of a pane of glass by covering it with varnish.

Altered Glass

One of my earliest memories is of lying very close to a window, I could feel the cold on my nose. I could see water rivulets running down the pane. It was dark outside, it was mysterious, but not frightening. It’s a very vivid memory and a recurring dream.

Unearthed Dream

it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it may be to create something the represented that idea and distorted the painting put behind it.